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5 reasons why to have a video on your website

We are always told that every website needs a video. Here is 5 reasons why it's true.

More for less

We all know it - we have just a limited time but the is a lot of informations around. Video compared to text gives us the opportunity to tell much more informations for the same time. Just think how much text can you read in 30 seconds. But if you watch a video for the same time for example about making a backpack - you know how big it is, what color is it like, what features it has, who and where makes it etc.

Storytelling is selling

People need informations to decide. Video is a great opportunity to not just tell but show a story in wich the viewers can imagine themselves. That's why it is extremely effective way of demonstrating the benefits of your product or service. But the story doesn't have to be just describing of a particular situation. Make a funny video - viewers will remember it even more a who knows, they may to share it with their friends as well.

Time on website

Short and informative video keeps viewer's attention a increases his stay on website up to 60 % compared to web with just text and pictures. And uncle Google prefers sites where people stay longer.

Who's there?

When people know who is behind the company name it will give them more confidence. Don't hesistate to show just your face but uncover part of your personality, company culture or lifestyle. Because today's time it's not just about one sale but about getting customers back to you. And they will go back places they believe.

Be different

In a world full of companies video is a great opportunity to stand out of the competition. Show your uniqe manufacturing proces, corporate culture or positive approach to problem solving. Use it as your advantage and engrave on you customer's memory with its difference.

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