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Where to find a music for your video

Aktualizace: 7. pro 2019

Finding the “right” music is always one of the biggest challenges for me. I usually have an idea in my head about how it should sound, what emotion to convey. Finding it and not paying hundreds of pounds for the license or breaking the rules is not so simple. What are the options?

It is not possible to find music, download it and use for your own project (whether commercial or non-commercial). In order to legally use music for our project you must have a license for it. Therefore one of the best ways is to use a databank where each song has its own license which can be purchased directly.

The best known database is AudioJungle. I use it myself and I can highly recommend it. It offers "Royalty free" license - do not be fooled, the music is not free but the purchased license entitles us to use the music at any time again (can be limited to 10 thousand uses). The price of a license usually ranges from a one to hundred dollars. Another similar database is BenSound.

YouTube itself offers plenty of music. You will find both - royalty free songs and music without need to buy a license. Some of these songs require the author to be included in the title or description of the video. This library can be found on YouTube under the title "Audio Library - Music for Content Creators".

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